Puss in Boots, The Theatre Chipping Norton

  • Puss in Boots, The Theatre Chipping Norton

13 Nov 2019 - 12 Jan 2010

King Rat is lording it over London, and his gang of rodent gangsters are wreaking havoc on the old market in Albert Square. Only one highly fashionable feline can save the day. But he needs a sidekick… and some stylish footwear!

Chippy’s panto twist on this classic tale, set in 1950s London, is stuffed full of daring escapes, ruthless robberies and frankly spectacular car chases. It will be a fast and furr-ious adventure! Family friendly from start to finish, and with all the sumptuous costumes, great original music and daft theatricality that only comes from the national home of traditional pantomime.

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