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Renowned interior designer, Amanda Hanley, advises on how to add colour, texture and style to your home this spring

While a house’s exterior may give the first impression, it’s the interior design that reflects your personality and makes you feel at home. To breathe new life into your interior this spring, think about introducing unique fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and lighting – elements that lift a room and transform it into an exciting space.


Using wallpaper is a brilliant way to transform your home for the new season and provide personality. A bold, large-scale print in your hallway will add interest – equally, a deep, vivid, unexpected colour on one wall of your living room, against a uniform palette of grey or stone, will change the mood entirely.

Feature wallpapers are fabulous, but you do need to think carefully about your curtains, sofas and floor colours before you make your choice. Wallpaper can be used to tie in and complement existing finishes in the room, such as fabrics and upholstery, with the use of a subtle and muted pattern. The stronger the background colour, the more important it is to keep the effect going around the room.

As an alternative to paint for the remaining walls, a plain paper of a similar texture can be used to create a wonderful and luxurious cocooning effect, which has the added benefit of softening the acoustics of the room – perfect for a bedroom.  


My inspiration comes from a love of fabrics, textures and colourful textiles. I always look to create a space with a strong and definable style, achieved with unusual combinations of colour, size and texture, and a mix of modern and vintage pieces.

Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns; if drawn from the same colour palette you will be surprised at how well they work together. We are often scared of ‘bad taste’, but so often rooms are strangled by trying to be overly ‘matching’ - they can end up too tasteful for their own good, leaving them looking bland and lacking in individual style.

Be confident and bold, buy what you love and do not worry what people think.

Have fun with your furniture, and consider using a striking fabric to upholster bespoke statement chairs and sofas. A touch of the unexpected can create a sense of fun, and a real focal point, such as a pop of bright colour, or a bold pattern – perfect for the new season.


New lighting is a relatively simple, but very effective, way to refresh the style of your interior scheme for spring. It plays a vital role within a home and has the power to transform a room’s look and mood.

In addition to being functional, lighting helps to bring a space together and provide an atmosphere. It’s therefore an essential consideration when planning for the lighter days of spring and summer.

Statement lighting is a great way to show off your personal style. With so much choice and a wonderful range of lighting, from quirky pendants and chandeliers to unusual and striking lamps, you can use lighting to make an impact in every room of your home.

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