A hut of one's own

Ever dreamt of a little retreat where you could go to write, indulge in a pet project - or simply have some time to yourself? Blackdown Shepherd Huts’ self-build kits are the cost-effective answer.

Once the preserve of shepherds, gamekeepers and outdoorsmen, wheeled huts are in vogue - now built to serve as bespoke writing dens, summerhouses, offices, kitchens and even saunas.

Invitingly proportioned and elegantly constructed, they’re the ideal way to increase your living space without the mess, dust, fuss and disarray of an extension. (And since they’re on wheels, re-positioning your hut is very little bother).

But Somerset-based Blackdown Shepherd Huts have also noticed the interest and satisfaction their customers take in the actual construction process. So, in addition to their bespoke huts, they’ve been making and selling self-build kits.

‘When we first started, we discovered that there were lots of people who wanted their own hut - just for the satisfaction of building something for themselves,’ says Blackdown’s Will Vickery. ‘Our self-build huts have been especially developed for those with the time to indulge their artisan leanings and hand-build their own hut, at a really great price.

‘We can give self-builders as much or as little support as they need - our clients feel very accomplished when they sit in their finished shepherd hut for the first time.’

With their keen attention to quality, Blackdown Shepherd Huts have won many fans. (Even the ever-discerning Theo Pathitis of the BBC’s Dragons Den can be seen proudly showing off his own Blackdown hut online).

Owner of British brand Herring Shoes, Adrian Herring, is just one of the self-build converts.

‘I spent two days a week for about four months building my shepherd hut, which is hidden away in my eight acres of woodland,’ Adrian says.

‘Blackdown Shepherd Huts delivered me an oak chassis self-build hut and the whole process of putting it together was a total pleasure. It was a real sense of achievement when I completed my hut. I thought - I made that!'

Adrian's hut is constructed with an oak chassis and double doors, complete with an internal log burner and solar panels (allowing him 24 hours of battery time). It’s also been kitted out with functioning water pump and LED lighting.

Initially built as a solo-bolthole in the woods, it’s regularly enjoyed by friends and family. ‘It's a delight to share it with my wife and friends…My wife and I love to take a lunch to our shepherd hut.

‘We have Classic FM on the radio, light a fire, read a good book, and simply relax. Time flies when you're at the hut, and we never want to leave, but the great thing is that we can sleep in the hut too and it's very cosy. We also took great pride in decorating the hut ourselves and have added to it using local artists' pictures of wildlife.

‘It's the perfect spot to watch the wildlife and have some time away from modern stresses and strains. [It’s] a place that makes us both very happy. Getting a Blackdown Shepherd Hut really is the best thing we've ever done.’

The Details

Blackdown Shepherd Huts have a workshop near Ilminster in Somerset where they design and create your hut…Clad in oak or wriggly tin they can include shower rooms, kitchens, or simply a log-burner.

They are all 7ft 6in wide and either 12, 14, 16 or 18ft in length.

Self-build huts start from £5,250 for steel rolling chassis and framework, and hand-crafted bespoke huts start from £18,900 inc. VAT.  A fully road-legal Towable (Towby) is also available, which is popular for event catering.

For more information (and helpful videos), visit www.blackdownshepherdhuts.co.uk

Contact Blackdown Shepherd Huts at 01460 929774 / 07711 489717 (mobile) / info@blackdownshepherdhuts.co.uk