Those spring things

The Rev’d Canon Katrina Scott lists the things that make the season special

I wonder what your favourite part of Spring is?

There are so many things I love about Spring. The longer, lighter days; the first sight of the snowdrops; planning that summer holiday; frosty mornings with clear blue skies; daffodils, tulips, trees in bud; Creme Eggs…for me, the list could go on and on.

In my last parish - a built up urban community - my favourite moment of Spring was when the ‘Crocus Cross’ burst through the cold ground.

A team of church members had spent some hours a number of years before, digging the ground and planting hundreds of crocuses in a big cross shape.

For most of the year, the bulbs were hidden under the grass, but for a wonderful month in Spring, the green leaves would poke through the ground, and flower into a beautiful, colourful cross that lit up the churchyard.

For me, that cross of flowers spoke more powerfully than any sermon could! It was a visible sign of the Easter story that we celebrate at Springtime – the celebration of new life.

In the cross (which led to Jesus’ resurrection) we celebrate that all sad, dark and painful things can be transformed through God’s love into new life and eternal joy.

Now living in the Cotswolds, I try throughout the year to really take notice of the seasons, and to enjoy the bigger story that they remind me we are all a part of.

I try to stop and appreciate the blaze of daffodil colour in our villages, to listen to the noise of the young lambs exploring the fields, to enjoy the taste of Easter egg chocolate, and to notice the colour of the trees, the buds and blossom as they change.

All of these things show the amazing creativity of our natural world and remind me of the new life that Jesus offers us all.


Revd Canon Katrina Scott is Rector of 7 churches at the heart of the Cotswolds (including Cutsdean, Farmcote, Temple Guiting, Guiting Power, Naunton, Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter) and also Area Dean of the North Cotswold Deanery. She has been here since 2015, having previously served in churches in Coventry for 15 years. Katrina loves being a vicar, and loves being a wife and mother too.