Diary of a Farmer’s Wife: Spring 2019

  • Bacon Sandwich

A significant birthday raises big questions for Anna MacCurrach. What does the future hold in store? And when can she finally start eating bacon sandwiches again?

2019 is a year that has been looming large before me for a little while. This is the year that I turn 40.

Big birthdays bring with them all sorts of emotions but also opportunities and momentum – often the excuse to do something one has been meaning to do for ages.  A decade ago we had two daughters, one a toddler and one a baby, and I couldn’t eat a sandwich uninterrupted, let alone tick anything off my bucket list. (To be honest, I wouldn’t even have known where the bucket list was.)

Fast forward to now and the girls are finally able to make their own sandwiches while I can eat mine in peace, and the son we didn’t have then can at last tie his own tie…We are making progress. The children are growing in confidence and ability, and we are able to enjoy the farm in ways that we couldn’t ten years ago.

We have had some unquestionably rocky moments along the way. However, we are all here, we have survived to tell the tale, and going forward it genuinely feels like new adventures lie in wait. (Teenage years also lie in wait but we are not worrying about those just for the moment).

Spring is around the corner – at least we hope it is because the cattle are making their way through the silage at an astonishing rate – and whilst the nature of the farming calendar is repetitive there is always much to look forward to, including some exciting farm projects for 2019. In many ways, turning 40 adds to the motivation to make this year a good one.

There has been one big ticket item on my bucket list for some time and it always seemed just out of reach, until the big 40 provided the much needed excuse – getting my teeth straightened. Orthodontic treatment is not for the faint hearted, at least not if you like eating. Chewing is difficult, biting is impossible, pastry unmanageable in public. When the bottom set went on I actually spent the best part of a week crying, I was so weak with hunger. Dry January was never even considered, with giving up sausage rolls and wine being an incomprehensible option.

I’m almost half way through the treatment now and my birthday is a matter of weeks away. Before my 40th year is out I will have ticked the biggest item off my list and I’ll be back to enjoying bacon sandwiches. Uninterrupted.

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