The benefits of the online valuation tool

Tom Burdett, Sales Director at Harrison James & Hardie, on how the new online valuation tool works and why it can be the first step when you're thinking about selling your home

"I am concerned that my online valuation is rather out-of-kilter with what I was expecting, even allowing for the broad range. I was hoping for an uplift of more than 20%, taking into account I bought in 2004 rather than at the height of the market in 2007? Just to be clear I am not thinking of moving right now but still…"

Arranging a formal valuation can feel like a stressful affair to fit around work commitments, childcare and day-to-day life, whilst uncertainty over your intentions can leave you feeling uneasy about the possible waste of an agent’s time too. The great news is that Harrison James & Hardie's fantastic new online valuation tool will give an instant estimation of the approximate value of your home without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Using land registry data on local comparable properties that have sold within the last five years to estimate the value of your home, the feature allows you to check the feasibility of a move by producing an estimated price range. This is greatly affected by the availability of online statistical information from regional sources at the time you bought, so it cannot take into consideration any work or improvements that you have carried out at the property including extension, for example, nor will it work well for individual or period village homes with few neighbouring comparables.  Some places have also seen a much greater uplift than others during the last five years, especially in Upper Rissington, for example.

So, whilst this is a great way to kick-start your decision-making process there is no substitute for a detailed marketing consultation with a knowledgeable local estate agent as the next logical step. All our marketing consultations are therefore free and without obligation. The assessment of value we give will be refined by what you have done to improve the property, of course. In addition, we have a far more detailed archive of locally sold stock gleaned over two decades as market leaders, and we add in our wide knowledge of currently registered applicants to calculate the true uplift. All these elements have a great impact on marketing price so don’t be downcast by an initially conservative online assessment.

We do understand that contemplating a move, especially when it’s been a loved family home for many years, takes careful planning. The resolution of many factors that must be considered often take weeks, months or even years and are usually coupled with fears about finding a suitable onward property. Our clients will therefore very often have talked through their options for some time before their property appears on the open market so the benefits of calling us out don’t stop at a far more accurate assessment of price. We will also explain the vagaries of current market conditions and make predictions on future trends so that you can assess the best possible moment to place your property on the market. We will identify your most likely types of purchaser and give advice on the best way of attracting those with suggestions on worthwhile improvements and general presentation tips that will ensure your home reaches its peak saleability. 

Once you have taken into account all these important considerations and only at a time you are happy to go ahead, of course, we will still need beautiful professional photography, detailed floor plans and skilfully written editorial - and if your home would benefit from aerial photography this can be another short wait for an appropriately sunny day!  As such, we’re far happier being asked out in time to ensure perfection when the property is formally launched to the marketplace rather than you having to worry about the inconvenience to us of a speculative enquiry in your thought-process.

In the meantime, some of our properties don’t actually reach the stage of brochures and formal advertising so it’s better to be prepared because you never know when your perfect buyer will walk in – such a shame to miss the boat because we didn’t know you were thinking of moving. The same is true for your onward property search, bearing in mind we work collaboratively between the offices to create new opportunities, sharing notes and making random connections, so if there’s a chance of a perfect match we’ll either have it, know about it or we’ll find it for you.

Even if you are only daydreaming right now, take the next step at least and book a consultation with our sales and marketing team. You never know, it could be the start of something wonderful!

The online valuation tool can be found on the landing page of the Harrison James & Hardie Property section of this website, or just click here.

Contact Tom at or call 01608 851000.