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Cheltenham Racecourse is putting on a spectacular programme of displays and tributes to commemorate the Armistice. Find out what’s in store at The November Meeting this year.

To mark the centenary of the Armistice, Cheltenham Racecourse will be holding a tribute to both horse and soldier on Sunday 18th November - the final day of The November Meeting. The November Meeting is the only Sunday in the racecourse’s racing calendar, and this year it will have a very special meaning indeed.

Gloucestershire made a huge contribution to supporting the war effort - as did the world of racing, with thousands of horses gathered from around the country. The racecourse itself certainly played a vital role, its stands serving for a time as a Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital. Cheltenham’s staff of volunteer nurses worked to rebuild the lives of men wounded and gassed in the conflict; by the war’s end, over 3,000 soldiers had passed through the racecourse hospital.

This year the racecourse gates will open earlier than normal to allow the public to enjoy some spectacular pre-racing displays. A party of uniformed Glosters will lead a parade from the railway station up the racecourse accompanied by a military band; meanwhile, a mounted contingent of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars will lead an act of remembrance in the Parade Ring.

Perhaps most thrillingly of all, there will be a demonstration of aerial combat by biplanes of the era, while vehicles and equipment from the battlefield will also be on display. 

The Centaur will be turned into a field hospital and there will be displays of medals, uniforms and equipment as well as poems by local war poets being recited, war songs sung by local schools, photographs of munitions and aircraft factories - and so much more.

Racegoers are encouraged to partipate: the racecourse is inviting the public to dress in the manner of 1918.

The schedule (timings of the day are approx):

 • At 10:50, a mounted party of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars dressed in WW1 uniform will enter the Parade Ring

• At 11:00, the Cheltenham Steam Train will arrive with a contingent of Glosters on board, followed by an Act of Remembrance in the Parade Ring at 11:15

• At 12:30, there will be an aerial combat display above the Racecourse

• 1:30 will see a parade on the racecourse - to include the Glosters, the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars and Cadets

Family Fun Day

Sunday 18th November is also Family Fun Day at Cheltenham Racecourse, with all the family favourites, such as Peppa Pig who will be making appearances throughout the day along with Showtime Shane.


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