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The historic riverside town of Tewkesbury (so named for Theoc, founder of a 7th century hermitage) has seen its share of drama - having witnessed the climactic battle of 1471 which saw the House of York on the way to victory - and power - in its southern fields.

Since 1984, this clash has been rourinely re-enacted by costumed warriors in the town’s world-famous Medieval Festival.

Today, Tewkesbury is a considerably more relaxing place to visit. With its black and white half-timbered Tudor and Medieval buildings (the town has over 400 listed properties, in fact, and 30 charming alleyways, as well as a dominating 12th century Norman abbey) it’s a fun destination for riverside strolls and exploring - even taking in a play or a pantomime at The Roses Theatre. It also possesses an array of restaurants and shops.

History buffs - don’t miss the John Moore Museum, the Tewkesbury Museum and the Tewkesbury Visitor and Heritage Centre. The town’s also the birthplace of a notoriously firey condiment - the delectable Tewkesbury Mustard, which Shakespeare himself immortalised through the clownish Falstaff’s infamous insult: ‘Wit as thick as Tewkesbury Mustard.’

For more information on the town, visit the Visit Tewkesbury website.